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Airbe Druad's Awards
General Info
  • No preference is given to any specific Pagan Tradition (Oral or Written) as the primary concern is what these sites have offered and the way in which it is presented.
  • A nominated Web Site may be an organization, personal or commercial site as long as the requirements are met.
  • Be centered around a Pagan theme.
  • a) Contains Pagan pertinent documents b) The majority of documents must be housed at the Nominated Web Site.
  • Sites that their contents are links to external documents or Web Sites do not qualify. 
  • Has an appearance which displays superior design characteristics.
  • Site may not be under construction.
  • I may award sites that do not submit because I think they fit the criteria and they have imparted something great to the world.
  • No hate, pornography, links to hate or pornography, etc.
  • Satanic/vampiric sites will not be considered.
  • A link back would be appreciated but it is not mandatory.
Here is a sample of what the award looks like.

Sample Award

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Airbe Druad Award Winners
UGA Pagan Student Association
Kent NeoPagan Coalition

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