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Airbe Druad Book Store
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Pagan Kids
Rites & Rituals

Finnish Magic: A Nation of Wizard a Noble Spirits  by Robert, Phd. Nelson 

Gods and Heroes from Viking Mythology (The World Mythology Series) by Brian Branston, Giovanni Caselli (Illustrator) 
Collected here in one volume, are 28 fantastic stories, first told hundreds of years ago by conquering Vikings. Included are an illustrated family tree of the major gods and goddesses, an index, and a guide to the symbols in the illustrations. Full color.

Buy the bookNorse Magic (World Magic Series) by Deanna J. Conway 
An overall good book to have in your collection.  Overviews many aspects of the Norse/Asatru.

Buy the bookNorthern Mysteries & Magick : Runes, Gods, and Feminine Powers by Freya Aswynn
NOTE:  Includes CD
In the global scheme of mystery traditions, cultures from most countries have their own current mythos, yet northern shamanism conspicuously lacks representation in contemporary spiritual practice. Northern Mysteries and Magick fills this gap by unearthing the ancient Nordic pantheon, examining the meanings and interrelations of the earliest 24 runes, known as the "Elder Futhark," and exploring the often overlooked feminine aspects of Northern mythology. The included CD hearkens back to tribal storytellers and replaces the vital aural component missing from our paper-based society. Freya Aswynn's accent lends a crisp consonance to her powerful performances as she invokes the old gods of an icy clime. Waking this pantheon from its long slumber, Aswynn extrapolates a natural course of evolution for the Northern tradition and synthesizes it into a magical tradition suitable for the contemporary practitioner. --Brian Patterson 

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