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Airbe Druad's Thoughts & Poetry

As a Pagan (whatever religion that falls under this category), it is needed that we set an example for others that are new to the faiths or are of a belief that is very against Pagans. If we do not, the stereotypes will continue and the bigotry will continue to rear up in our faces. 

Do not become what you hate. This means, if a sector of society that dislikes you on the basis of your religion, try not to dislike them back and spreading such negativity. 

Love is powerful. We can love others without liking them. 

Chose your battles. By doing this, you can decide whether to bring action against a, for example only, a neighbor who is saying negative things about you.  Or whether you can let it go.   Discrimination is wrong, negative & in most cases illegal. But do you wish to be right, and know you are right?  Or do you wish to be dead right?  In many cases, by bringing action against them, you are in for a world of stress (maybe more then you need), expenses & heartaches.  This does not mean let everyone walk all over you.  Only, can you settle the issues through living you life right, speaking to others of your issues? 



Enveloping me in her embrace 
I feel the love. 
I feel the pain of motherhood. 

Enveloping me in her beauty 
I  feel her joy. 
I feel her agony of burden. 

Enveloping me in her eternity 
I feel her depth. 
I feel her turmoil of her tasks. 

Enveloping her, 
She feels my love. 
She feels my helplessness. 

Enveloping her, 
She feels my reverence. 
She feels my pain  of the enormity of life. 

Enveloping each other 
We feel the strength. 

Enveloping each other 
We grow. 

Enveloping each other 
We continue forever. 

 Copyright 1996 JMR

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