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Airbe Druad Music Store
Pagan Saints by Flesh And Bone
Stunning new age/alternative music that seems majikal.

Buy the CDThe Book Of Secrets by Loreena McKennitt
McKennitt's recordings always have the quality of a spiritual sojourn; her songs are those of a seeker, whether she's setting Yeats, Scripture, or her own words to her compositions. It's this that attracts people to her music, and The Book of Secrets is no exception, whether it's the lazy rhythms of "Marco Polo," the sober joy of "The Mummers' Dance," the poignancy of "Skellig" or "Dante's Prayer," or the drama of Alfred Noyes's "The Highwayman." "The Highwayman" is a particularly strong effort, especially in comparison to her earlier setting of "The Lady of Shalott"; McKennitt has become much more skilled at musical narrative. This is music that can be enjoyed on many levels, from McKennitt's growing skill as a composer to the deeper questions posed by her lyrics. --Genevieve Williams 

Buy the CDBeautiful Wasteland by Capercaillie
Capercaillie is the leading torchbearer for an innovative Celtic music hybrid that integrates Scottish traditional styles with sleek contemporary ambient, dance, and pop elements--bringing the music well beyond its customary folkie boundaries. Beautiful Wasteland is constructed largely from Gaelic "mouth music" tunes sung gorgeously by Karen Matheson and arranged with submarine musical depths by Manus Lunny. There are showers of synthesizers to color the fiddle and bouzouki textures, but the synths never take precedence simply because so much is going on. Capercaillie rivets their tunes with solid beats and then populates the sound field with ambient vibrations and a catalog of acoustic instruments. In addition, North African vocal duo Sibeba collaborates on two tracks, adding a vocal dimension that further extends Beautiful Wasteland's unassuming, profound international multiculturalism. --Andrew Bartlett 

Buy the CDCeltic Classics: An Enchanted Journey by Shanon
Absolutely fabulous music. I can not more highly recommend it.

Buy the CDWolf Talk by Nature Sounds (Northsound Series)
Stunning, spine tingling wolf sounds, some set to music or chanting.

Sounds Of Nature: Ocean Waves by Sounds Of Nature (Suzanne Doucet/ONAM Series)
Beautiful ocean sounds.

Sounds Of Nature: Thunderstorm & Rain by Sounds Of Nature (Suzanne Doucet/ONAM Series)
Stunning sounds, beautiful.

Buy the CDMusic To Be Born By by Mickey Hart, The World (Rykodisc/Mickey Hart Series)
Beautiful music.  Even has Hart's baby's heartbeat while he was still in the womb.

Buy the CDSongs of the Humpback Whale by Songs of the Humpback Whale
Ever a classic...whalesong.  Always relaxing and beautiful.

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