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Pagan Kids
Rites & Rituals

Buy the bookA Book of Pagan Rituals by Herman Slater (Editor) 
I keep this book to show others how far the pagan movement has come.  The rituals contained within are basic and wonderful for beginners.

Buy the bookAncient Ways : Reclaiming Pagan Traditions (Llewellyn's Practical Magick Series)by Pauline Campanelli, Dan Campanelli (Illustrator)
Fantastic book for people wanting to learn more about paganism.

The Existential Pagan -- On Freedom and Responsibility
by Rel Davis, Eston Mansfield (Photographer), Greg Fisher (Illustrator) 
The Existential Pagan is an in-depth look at the new paganism sweeping the world today. As environmental chaos threatens our species and the planet we live on, more and more people are looking for a way out. A new way of looking at the world -- based on ancient religious principles -- is gradually becoming more prevalent. Called Deep Ecology, women's spirituality, earth-centered religion, paganism or even witchcraft, it offers a way of life that respects the earth, values women, and challenges millennia-old concepts of power and control. In 27 essays, the Rev. Davis offers a way out for a world in crisis.

Buy the bookThe Neo-Pagan Essence by Otter Zell 
"Pagan" is a word that many people are generally familiar with, but are not quite sure what it means in a modern setting. In its "Neo-Pagan" form, it is an umbrella term which encompasses many traditions, ranging from European folk-religion revivals (Wicca, etc.), to popularized versions of millennia-old "native" practices and Earth-centered faiths branching out from trends in evolving ecological awareness. 

One of the long-time voices of the American Neo-Pagan religious movement is Oberon (formerly Otter) Zell, the founder of the Church Of All Worlds and publisher of the influential Green Egg magazine. Eschaton Books' release "The Neo-Pagan Essence" is a collection of some of Zell's most informative and entertaining essays, assembled to provide an answer to the frequently-asked question: "Just what is all this Paganism stuff about, anyway?" 

The six papers which comprise "The Neo-Pagan Essence" provide background on the traditions, history, context, definition, and goals of modern Paganism, both generally and within the specific stance of Zell's own organization. In these pieces Zell traces the Pagan movement back to its neolithic roots, through the dark days of the "burning times", and shows how its resurgence offers a fresh perspective for the modern world. Although well researched and documented, "The Neo-Pagan Essence" is anything but a dry, scholarly read. Zell's writing is lively and amusing, full of fascinating anecdotes which make the book hard to put down. 

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