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Airbe Druad Book Store
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Pagan Kids
Rites & Rituals

Buy the bookPagan Kids' Activity Book
This is a terrific coloring/activity book for Pagan kids, or any children raised to respect all religions. Geared for the under-13 age level, it covers all the basics. It's largely influenced by traditional Witchcraft teachings.

Buy this book! Witch Crafts : 101 Projects for Creative Pagans by Janine Lynn
"Whether you're a novice crafter into Norse lore or a practicing Pagan in need of personal tips on Celtic leatherwork, this handy, easy-to-use book will charm you and your entire family. The enchanting designs represent authentic Pagan lore and culture, and can be used for both practical and sacred purposes. Learn how to make a variety of unique items to delight all the senses..."

Celebrating the Great Mother: A Handbook of Earth-Honoring Activities for Parents and Children by Cait Johnson, Maura D. Shaw
This handbook of Earth-honoring activities for parents and children provides a family-oriented approach to the rituals of celebration, giving parents and adults insights into the spiritual experiences which will inspire kids and help them to understand holiday meanings. Techniques ranging from visualization to Tarot play are developed with kids in mind. 

Wiccacraft for Families by Margie McArthur
Margie's book is full of really great ritual ideas for your family. Actually, this book has great celebration ideas even if you don't have small children. The food suggestions, ritual, craft, and lore are top notch. Margie writes in a very readable way that makes this book a fun read as well as being informative. Margie's book is one of the best books written on Witchcraft in general. Her style is user-friendly and you can learn a lot about Witchcraft from this book regardless of whether or not you plan to celebrate the Holy Days with small children or not!

Circle Round: Raising Children in Goddess Traditions by Starhawk, Diane Baker, Anne Hill
The 20th-century reclamation of Goddess traditions has evolved from a small counterculture revolution of the mid-1900s to the birthright of an entire generation of children and young teenagers. However, the parents--who were adults when they first turned to paganism--are discovering that raising children in a pagan tradition can prove difficult amidst the near void of resources to assist them in teaching this way of life. Relying on age-old learning methods, such as songs and storytelling, Circle Round fills this void with techniques that are truly rooted in traditions. This priceless resource offers guidelines for helping children discover the different facets of the Goddess tradition--from altars to sabbats--and suggests recipes, creative projects, and other activities resuscitating the values of family in our latchkey society. --Brian Patterson 

Rites & Rituals

Buy the bookPagan Rites of Passage by Pauline Campanelli, Dan Campaneli (Illustrator), Dan Campanelli (Illustrator) 
Being brought up in a time when old ways are often forgotten, 20th-century pagans can find themselves at a loss for traditional ceremonies to celebrate the times in life that should be marked with great care. Pagan Rites of Passage fills this void with a collection of celebratory rites from varying cultures as far apart in time and space as the ancient Egyptians are from the Bulgarians. The breadth of coverage makes this a suitable book for most any tradition, group, or solitary practitioner. The rites discussed commemorate important moments on the wheel of life from birth through death and include ceremonies for important events such as initiation into a coven or the handfasting of two people embarking on a life together. Pagans who want to proudly mark their lives in accordance with their ancient heritages will find that Pagan Rites of Passage furnishes the vital traditional framework on which to construct the perfect celebration. --Brian Patterson 

Buy the bookSeasonal Dance : How to Celebrate the Pagan Year by Janice Broch, Veronica MacLer (Contributor) 
Seasonal Dance delves into the history and significance of the eight Sabbats, while offering suggestions for celebrating them with rituals, games, dances, and much more. For those with a bit of creativity, Broch and Macler offer guidelines for creating personalized rituals. Part folklore studies, part pagan handbook, Seasonal Dance is a well-researched and exhaustively annotated reference work that will prove useful throughout the years to come. --Brian Patterson

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